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Let's start with Riverwolf at IDiosyntocracy. Here is a listing of his blog postings on his personal boycott of the Blood Olympics.

Riverwolf's Boycott Diary

These postings not only show Riverwolf's concern about the issues involving the boycott of the smoggy games in Beijing, but they also serve as a teaching tool. His travails show how difficult it is for us to avoid buying Chinese products, an indictment of corporate betrayals of America, losses of US jobs to low wage labor in China, and the damage done to consumer choice by corrupt trade deals.

Coffee House Studio has a variety of posts which focus on the why of the boycott. Unlike some boycott advocates, he doesn't forget China's role in the violence in Zimbabwe.

It makes my pink heart proud that two queer bloggers have focused so much attention on such an important issue.

They put my one posting on why I'm boycotting the Olympics to shame. I would, however, like to make two quick points about the boycott.

Human rights are more important than spectator sports.

Boycotting the Blood Olympics is an important aspect of American liberals and progressives reacquainting themselves with the concept of solidarity.

Here are some other liberals and progressive bloggers who are boycotting the smoggiest Olympics on record.

Dave Chandler's Earthside.com

Resistance Studies

Constant Scholars


I would also like to congratulate Britain's Liberal Democratic Party leader for calling on their Prime Minister Gordon Brown to boycott the closing ceremonies.

But Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has written to Mr Brown demanding that he boycott the event in protest at China's human rights record.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, he said China had promised to promote democracy and human rights if it was allowed to host the games.

Mr Clegg said: "It is now clear to me that China has made no progress on those promises. Indeed, the restrictions placed on journalists, the ongoing crackdown in Tibet and the treatment of individual Chinese protesters has worsened."

He added: "I therefore urge you not to attend the closing ceremony of the Beijing Games, or indeed any other ceremonies associated with them.
"Given China's utter failure to deliver on its human rights promises, it is simply untenable for any representative of the United Kingdom to give political endorsement to these Games."


  1. Christopher Says:
  2. It's simply bizarre to me that anyone would attend or watch the 2008 Summer Olympic Games from Communist China.

    Few nations on earth have a worse record on civil and human rights than does Communist China.

    But if NBC is telling the truth, at least in America, viewers are able to compartmentalize these facts and record numbers of viewers are glued to their TV screen, watching every category.

    Not me and not Jim.

  3. This year's Olympic games aren't getting any eyeballs in my house. We're thoroughly disgusted that a nation with such a horrible human rights record (as if the U.S. record is much better!) and environmental record is hosting the games.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Even though we may not agree about Senator Obama lib, at least we agree on this. I have not watched the opening ceremony nor do I intend to watch any single sport. China should have never gotten the olympics, the fact that they did needs to be investigated.

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Thanks for the mention!



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