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Obama Has Pushed Me Completely Away from His Campaign

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 24, 2008

Since Obama has won the nomination, it is as if he and his campaign have worked overtime to drive atheists, queers, liberals, and progressives away. Here are some examples.

- Obama joined McCain in a presidential campaign forum in Osama bin Warren's fundamentalist indoctrination center. Attending a forum in any church is a vicious and bigoted personal attack against atheists and agnostics, just as it undermines state/church separation. Participating in such a form in a fundamentalist hate-church is a vicious and bigoted personal attack against queers and women as well. Even worse, the forum was on religious beliefs and politics. Never mind that religion has no legitimate role to play in politics.

- Obama praised the Supreme Court's blatantly and obviously unconstitutional ruling striking down DC's rather mild gun control law. I was stunned that Obama sided with the NRA terrorists against people who live in major cities.

- Obama voted for a blatantly unconstitutional FISA bill which tries to sanction illegal searches while giving immunity to criminal telecom companies and their executives.

- Obama went on a saber rattling blitz against Iran, as if we don't already have enough problems to deal with in the Middle East.

- Obama made a commitment to expand the Bush regime's hate based initiatives to divert federal funding from inclusive nonprofits to religious ones.

- Obama reaffirmed his support for NAFTA after attacking it on the campaign trail. (Talk about Clintonian triangulation.)

- Obama shifted his position to support more offshore drilling.

- Obama hired Jason Furman, a Clintonian supporter of Wal-Mart, as an economics adviser.

- Obama has endorsed Isreal's occupation of Palestinian East Jerusalem.

- Finally, Obama picked Joementum Biden, a corrupt, racist, blowhard, war criminal for VP. I can't imagine voting for any politician that committed a heinous crime against humanity by voting for a war of aggression and genocide against the people of Iraq.

With each passing day, Obama becomes more like Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Since clinching the nomination, Obama hasn't provided even one positive reason to vote for him.

Barack Obama, you win. I voted for you in the New York primary, but now I realize that voting for Democrats is a waste of time. You have pushed me so far away from your campaign that I can not vote for you in November. Congratulations.



  1. GDAEman Says:
  2. "Queezy" might describe how I felt half way thur your list.

    I'm reminded of the recent interviews I've heard with Andrew Bacevich, author of The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism. An honest conservative, Bacevich affirms that the two major parties differ very little; they represent the elite class.

    I'll probably vote Green in protest.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. At the end of the day he is still a better candidate for progressives & LGBT voters...either you support him or you allow the right wingers to continue to destroy our rights & freedoms and proceed with their war profiteering.

  5. Moving towards the center in the general election is not a new thing. One has to understand at the core of the candidates beliefs that in order to get elected in this nation of diversity they are forced to move to the center.

    If we do not get him elected then we are giving republicans carte blanche to 4 or 8 more years of rule. I will take a middle of the road Obama over McCain anyday.

    As a fellow queer and agnostic I too was not happy about the Rick Warren "show". That said, 90 percent of the citizens of this country consider themselves "Christian". If O can get just 5 % of those votes it makes it harder for McCain. It is strategy.

    If any candidate ran on a platform that was so far to the left they would never get elected in the general.

  6. Christopher Says:
  7. Obama hasn't provided even one positive reason to vote for him.

    Really, Lib? How about eight?


    • Supports the inclusive Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act to protect the entire GLBT community against bias-motivated violence

    • Voted Against the Matthew Shepard Hates Crimes Act three times


    • Strongly supports ending the unjust “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” barring the service of openly gay and lesbian people

    • Opposes ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”


    • Supports equal benefits for same-sex couples

    • Opposes relationship recognition of any kind for same-sex couples


    • Supports ENDA (including the protection based on gender identity)

    • Opposes ENDA and cast the deciding vote against it in the United States Senate


    • Supports Ryan White CARE Act and access for early treatment of HIV under Medicaid (ETHA)

    • Has never co-sponsored Ryan White or ETHA, and voted for a Jesse Helms strategy to remove funding aimed at protecting the community from HIV/AIDS


    • Supports the right of same-sex couples to adopt

    • Opposes the right of same-sex couples to adopt


    • Senator Obama voted to against President Bush’s judicial nominees who had taken anti-GLBT positions such as the the nomination of Judge William Pryor and he has pointed to traditionally liberal Justices such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer for future Supreme Court appointments

    • Senator McCain voted to confirm President Bush’s judicial nominees who had taken anti-GLBT positions such as Judge William Pryor and he has pointed to ultra conservative Justice Samuel Alito as a role model for future Supreme Court appointments


    • Obama “Opposes All Divisive And Discriminatory Constitutional Amendments, State Or Federal. That Includes The Proposed Amendments In California And Florida.” [Statement, 5/15/08]

    • Supports discriminatory state constitutional amendments that would define marriage as between a man and a woman, including the proposed amendments in California, Florida and Arizona

    But this is America and you're free to vote for whomever you choose but I will tell you this much.

    2008 is probably the most important election of our lifetime and too much is at stake to either throw your vote away on a meaningless third party candidate and help McCain get elected.

    If you've enjoyed the past eight years of Bush/Cheney, then you will love a McCain administration.

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. Hey Lib, I respect your decision to not vote for Obama as I have said in previous comments but if we liberals do not all fall behind him, we are going to have another 8 years of Senator McCain. Not to say that we couldn't survive it but 8 years would really kill the American economy and the future of my children. I didn't approve of Obama's stance on FISA or telecom immunity but at the end of the day, he is pretty darn liberal and I will take what I can get.

  10. Chandira Says:
  11. He's still the lesser of 2 evils, which ever way you look at it, and I hope you manage to find your vote again by November, because we absolutely do not need a Republican!!
    What hrag said..

    I'm reading Obama's book at the mo, and quite liking it, so this was a difficult post to read in some ways, but that's cool, I like that.

  12. Chandira Says:
  13. Thanks Christopher, for putting all that info in your comment. Interesting stats.
    he's talked a lot about equality in the Audacity of Hope, and it's pretty clear to me that he means to support not only the GLBT community, but other minorities too.

  14. opit Says:
  15. Jesus General had an Onion style video of his 'running' as the unknown Candidate.
    Maybe it was a takeoff on Nader.

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. I can understand your frustration, but Obama is a politican and these things happen. I also think there have to be some comprises like the ones Obama has made in order to get elected in this country.

    Vote for whomever you please, of course, but I hope you might reconsider and come to see that Obama can do a whole helluva lot more good than McCain ever would.



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