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A Call for "Keating Five" McCain to Release His Medical Records

Posted by libhom Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brave New Films has a website, TheRealMcCain.com, where they have issued a call for John McCain to release his medical records.

Here is the description that goes with their open letter. So far, over 37,000 people, including over 1600 doctors have signed it.

John McCain has not yet released his medical records to the public. McCain is 72 years old, and has been diagnosed with invasive melanoma. In May of this year, a small group of selected reporters were allowed to review 1,173 pages of McCain's medical records that covered only the last eight years, and were allowed only three hours to do so. John McCain's health is an issue of profound importance. We call on John McCain to issue a full, public disclosure of all of his medical records, available for the media and members of the general public to review.

They also have made a YouTube video to argue their case.

Maybe the medical records would explain why McCain behaves so strangely. I should note that "Keating Five" McCain still hasn't been tested for senility by an independent physician.



  1. How dare you question your rich white Republican overlords? How dare you sir!

  2. Robert Rouse Says:
  3. Speaking of records - today broke the record for the number of years the Constitution has been around. That's 221 Consecutive years! Beating last years record of 220.

  4. Dave Dubya Says:
  5. Constitution? What Constitution?

    Who needs medical records? Cheney got a doc to certify him for VP without even seeing him.

  6. Chandira Says:
  7. Oh gosh GLH, he doesn't need a senility test. I'd have thought it was obvious where he's heading.. ;-)

  8. GDAEman Says:
  9. Thanks for raising this again. We need to push this issue onto the establishment media's table.



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