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McCain Gets Really Confused Quite Often

Posted by libhom Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain sure gets confused a lot. He also should make an effort to try to learn a little about South Asia and the Middle East, given their strategic importance.

McCain, "We Should Be Able to Deliver Bottled, Hot Water to Dehydrated Babies"

McCain Butchers Foreign Affairs

Randi Rhodes: Senile McCain loses it at biker rally

Help John McCain Count His Houses

McCain Thinks Iraq Borders Pakistan

McCain's senile moment: thinks Karzai is President of IRAQ! (This one goes back to 2003.)

He also has issues with women.

McCain Jokes About Exploiting Wife for Topless Biker Beauty Pageant:


1 Responses to McCain Gets Really Confused Quite Often

  1. Batocchio Says:
  2. Good roundup! I've been working on one just on McCain and Iraq, but in that case, it's more lies than confusion.



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