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More on Human Rights Abuses During the RNC

Posted by libhom Friday, September 05, 2008

Here are some of the many condemnations of the wide array of human rights abuses during the Republican National Infomercial...er...Convention.

Use of Force Against RNC Protesters “Disproportionate,” Charges Amnesty International (9/5/08)

ACLU Renews Its Call For Investigation Into Civil Liberties Violations At RNC (9/4/2008)

Greens condemn brutal 'police state' raids, arrests of peaceful protesters and journalists outside the GOP convention in St. Paul (9/2/08)

National Lawyers Guild Seeks Judicial Review of Preventative Detentions Ordered by Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher (8/31/08)

There is some good coverage of the clampdown on the First Amendment in the independent media as well.

LiveWire - Breaking news from the streets (Note: Link is to home page. I don't know if or where this may be archived later.)
Twin Cities Indymedia

St. Paul in the Hot Seat over Journalist Arrests
by Timothy Karr
Huffington Post (9/5/08)

Police detain ex-DI writer, other journalists covering Republican Convention protests
by Danny Valentine
The Daily Iowan (9/5/08)

The Poor People's March
By Lindsay Beyerstein
Majikthise (9/3/08)

Journalists including DN! producer targeted by FBI in St. Paul
by Mary Turck
LA Indymedia (9/3/08)

Peaceful RNC Protesters Shot with Rubber Bullets/Tear Gas.
by Jodin Morey
ImpeachForPeace.org (9/2/08)

Democracy Now! has done some of the best reporting on RNC human rights violations, and three of their producers still face criminal charges for it. The attacks on freedoms we Americans used to take for granted are happening on a regular basis, and most people don't even hear or read about it.


1 Responses to More on Human Rights Abuses During the RNC

  1. ZenDenizen Says:
  2. The biggest crime against humanity was all that dorky dancing. I'm blind now, where are my benefits.



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