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DOJ Checking Out Gay Blogs

Posted by libhom Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ecoralguy has caught someone from the DOJ checking out his blog and other gay blogs. I hope this is just an employee taking a break from work, but the more likely explanation is that they are monitoring gay blogs. Whoever it was at the DOJ, they got to his blog via Always Gay, Always.



  1. Someone from the Pentagon was monitoring my blog when I was writing about depleted uranium a while back and someone from Cheney's office was keeping tabs on me as well.

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. Creepy and disturbing, but not surprising.

  4. Christopher Says:
  5. Whenever I write an anti-Lieberman post, someone from the DoJ reads my blog.

    I know because Wordpress shows the source of incoming traffic.

    Frankly, I think it's a total riot. Don't these dimwit douchebags have anything more important to do on the taxpayers dime than read the fag blogs?

  6. JayV Says:
  7. oh yeah, well.... i have sitemeter and it's been a while, but i saw someone from the doj had checked me out! haha!

  8. libhom Says:
  9. All: Thanks for reminding me to look at my site statistics. I had over 1450 unique visitors in the last month. It keeps going up. Given the small number of people who actually comment on blog postings, seeing these kind of numbers is really encouraging.

    I personally think there is something seriously wrong about the Justice Dept. having its employees troll gay blogs, from a civil liberties perspective and one of someone who wants them fighting real crime and terrorism.

  10. I guess I need to renew my membership in the pink mafia.

    I've had the DOJ too along with the Pentagon when I blog about torture. So if anyone of us disappears we'll no where to look--Gitmo.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. During the ENDA fiasco, the Sgt. Of Arms visited my blog. I think Barney was tracking what the bloggers were saying about him, lol.

    I also get some unique visitors for my Justin Berry/Kurt Eichenwald/Free Casey posts.



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