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Cindy Sheehan's Office Attacked

Posted by libhom Friday, October 31, 2008

The effort to stop Cindy Sheehan's campaign just got even dirtier. From KPIX in San Francisco (NBC) 10/30/08:

Cindy Sheehan SF Campaign Office Attacked
SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) ― The storefront of congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan's campaign office in San Francisco was broken early Thursday morning and a laptop was reportedly taken, according to Sheehan's campaign office.

Police responded to the office at Mission Street between Eighth and Ninth streets just before 4 a.m. Thursday because a passerby called in a report of a broken window, police Sgt. Lyn Tomioka said.

People working for the campaign office saw the storefront on their way in around 8 a.m. and called police only to find out a report had already been filed, a campaign spokeswoman said.

"We feel like certainly it's a possibility that we were targeted," campaign spokeswoman Tiffany Burns said.

Burns said the only thing missing from the office was a Dell Inspiron 7120 laptop.

The office temporarily replaced the glass and did not close, she said.

Any reasonable person would have to admit that Nancy Pelosi and her people are among the most logical suspects if you are looking at who is behind this.

Thanks to Christopher from From the Left for letting me know about this. (As of writing this posting, he hasn't blogged on it. He left a note in the comments of a previous posting here.)



  1. john Says:
  2. Go Cindy!

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. Ain't this some shit?

    Now, you mean to tell me this keeps happening to Cindy Sheehan and her campaign and it's an accident?


    This stinks of Pelosi's goon squad.

  5. Pagan Sphinx Says:
  6. I haven't kept up with how Cindy's campaign is doing but I hope she kicks Pelosi's ass. Whether Cindy wins or not, Pelosi needs a good, swift one.



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