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Electoral vote counts seem to be the Internet flavor of the month. Some, like CNN, consider states tossups if things are even close. Others, like electoral-vote.com, give counts based on where states are leaning.

Wikipedia is the most volatile, basing their projections on the latest poll for each state only. They also happen to have the most in depth state polling info I've seen yet on one site, and the polling data appears to be updated the most rapidly.

The problem is that, even so, some of the polling data is getting kind of old. From Wikipedia, you can learn about the freshness of the polling data for the following states.

Arkansas (6)
Rasmussen Reports - September 22: Barack Obama 42% John McCain 51%

Kentucky (8)
Rasmussen Reports - September 30: Barack Obama 42% John McCain 52%

South Dakota (3)
American Research Group - September 19-21: Barack Obama 39% John McCain 55% Other 1%

Another state where polling might be stale is Alaska, where the most recent survey was before Palin was found guilty of ethics violations.

Rasmussen Reports - October 6: Barack Obama 40% John McCain 55%

If the polling in these states were more recent, one could have more confidence in the idea that these states are strongly for "Keating Five" McCain. However, the mood of the country has shifted further from supporting the GOP since Wall St. started to tank. If these states have tightened up, McCain may be in even deeper trouble than the corporate media are letting on.


1 Responses to Stale Polling May Be Hiding Some of "Keating Five" McCain's Weakness

  1. GDAEman Says:
  2. Thanks for the tip on Wikipedia. These are strange times.



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