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Talking about class is one of the biggest taboos in America, yet it is perfectly OK for rich people to act in ways that totally screw over the middle class and the poor. Some people are catching on and are less than happy about it, though it took a Wall St. meltdown for the zeitgeist to catch up with reality. Here are some examples of what is much more socially acceptable to say.

"Keating Five" McCain's lavish lifestyle as a kept man is starting to haunt him. Video by Patrick Wilkinson. Hat tip to D.R. Scott's Pulp Culture.

This kind of subject matter was almost completely taboo until recently.

A Google Blogsearch on "rich assholes" is giving a lot more results than before. The controversy over AIG's lavish and senseless spending after getting a government bailout got this reaction from David and Thomas emphasis mine.

The Economic Crisis can be blamed on rich assholes getting a little too greedy. So, what do you do if your AIG and on the verge of a meltdown? You get an $85 Billion loan from the Government and go on a rich retreat!

Turns out when news of AIG dickheads going nuts with their money even though they are requesting Federal Aid, people got pissed. So much so that AIG was forced to cancel their second retreat coming up at the Ritz-Carlton. Poor douchebags.

David Esrati makes a couple of good points (emphasis mine).
If we want to help the taxpayer- it’s time to force credit card rates down- and fast. It’s a much better solution to get the economy back on track than by bailing out the banks- and the rich assholes who failed, but still got paid.

If we invest another dime in the banks- we ought to own them, or at least own everything belonging to every one of those bankers.

BettyBowers.com did a great sendup on Big Oil, which addresses class issues in addition to corporate power. Hat tip to Queer Isn't It.

The Internet has allowed a lot of communication through that challenges the corporate media's narrative of the deserving rich who benefit society by making more and more money while the rest of us get less money at the same time our productivity increases. We also are led to believe that the only people who even notice, much less discuss, class in human societies are Marxists. Never mind that, in other countries, people of a variety of political views discuss issues of class.



  1. Sarah Says:
  2. Re: your question, I think you'll like this link: http://mudflats.wordpress.com/2008/10/11/anti-palin-rally-on-her-own-capitol-steps/

    I don't know if papers are calling for her to resign, but those whom she governs are! I can't wait until she's out of our immediate conscious. love your blog!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Class is such the "pink elephant" in the room that everyone tries to ignore. I sure as hell don't know what to do about it, but class is definitely an issue. Thanks for raising the discussion.



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