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Maddow Confronts Palin's Lying

Posted by libhom Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm a big fan of Rachel Maddow, going back from her "Unfiltered" days on Air America. I even have an autographed picture of her.

Hat tip to Genocide for Jesus.

Palin's violations of Alaska's ethics laws really should lead to her resignation as governor of that state.



  1. Lulu Maude Says:
  2. I love Rachel, too. Used to catch her Political Asylum podcasts (I don't do TV). Thanks for posting this. I'm glad she has her own show, and glad that she's doing so well.

  3. Pagan Sphinx Says:
  4. Rachel is great. She used to be a DJ on our local radio station in Northampton, Mass. She lit up the airwaves with her humor, kindness and astutute political commentary. I believe that's when Air America discovered her.

    One thing about Maddow that makes her so wonderful is how polite she is. She takes people to task without nastiness, which makes liberals look good. Hey, whatever it takes!

  5. Lew Scannon Says:
  6. I think that Sarah Palin being Ted Stevens political protege pretty much says it all.

  7. JayV Says:
  8. I'm not even remotely interested in Sarah Palin as VP. (I do think the McShame campaign has used her as a tool to achieve their own ends; and I wonder if she realises that.) Rachael Madow is delightful, but I'm afraid that the Republican base for whom Gov Palin is now the trumpet, will not really care about results of the report. She is blessed and can do no wrong in their eyes.

  9. Joey7777 Says:
  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
  11. Karlo Says:
  12. Great clip. It's amazing the extent to which Palin denies the truth. I also noticed McCain still mentioning the Bridge to Nowhere in his speeches. In some alternative universe (in which she didn't support it), that's a reason to vote for Palin.

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. I love Rachel Maddow because she tells it like it is. Sarah Palin is a lying liar. A lying liar should not be allowed to grip the country in her rifle shooting hands.

  15. GDAEman Says:
  16. Wow. I don't have cable, but I'd heard how good Rachel was. Thanks for bringing her into my living room.



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