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Bold Beast Bites Bloomberg

Posted by libhom Monday, February 02, 2009

Staten Island Chuck is a hero for all New Yorkers.

In addition to being a lousy mayor and one of the people most responsible for our nation's financial crises, Michael Bloomberg oozes with the arrogance that so often is found in someone with far more money than any human being could possibly earn. Bloomberg got what was coming to him this time when he taunted and pushed around Staten Island Chuck, the Forgotten Borough's weather predicting groundhog.

The grand groundhog bit Bloomberg.

From the Staten Island Advance 2/2/09:

Perhaps lashing out against budget cuts for local zoos, or perhaps just because he wasn't ready to be awakened from his winter nap, Staten Island Chuck took a nibble out of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's hand during this morning's Groundhog Day festivities at the Staten Island Zoo.

"His hand was nicked," a Bloomberg spokesman said. The mayor is up to date on his Tetanus shot, so he simply washed his wounded finger and put on a bandage.

Here's the video, also from the Advance.

Disclaimer: Godless Liberal Homo does not condone the mistreatment of the animal in this video. It's just great to see the poor little fella fight back.

Groundhog Day

In case it isn't obvious, taunting and pushing around wild animals is a very stupid thing to do.

I would encourage you to read the comments at the bottom of the story. Most of them are really funny. Here are a couple of gems:
poor chuck,
he'll probably have to receive rabies shots


So whats the big deal Chuck eats Kosher.....


He was just doing what most Islanders want to do -only he actually acted on it. Go Chuck!

I remember when Staten Island was Bloomberg's political base. Now that he is getting rid of city employees, there are a lot of pissed of people. (Staten Island has gotten to be the last place many people can afford on government salaries.)

Staten Island Chuck has managed what local politicians have failed to do in decades of efforts. This intrepid groundhog has put the southernmost Borough on the map.



  1. JayV Says:
  2. Waaay to go, Chuck. You brought back memories. My family lived on SI (before the Bridge) - on the other side of Clove Lake Park from the Zoo - and when I was a kid I used to deliver the Advance in my neighborhood. My mom always used to say that Staten Island was considered the "neglected borough."

  3. Lew Scannon Says:
  4. The cool things that cute furry animals can get away with!

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. hahahahha!



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