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Obama's Iraq Plan Is a Destructive and Illegal Betrayal

Posted by libhom Saturday, February 28, 2009

Barack Obama has broken his most important campaign promise. He has pushed an even smaller withdrawal out to 20 months, instead of the larger withdrawal promised in 16. Given our economic crises, we need to get all of our troops out of the war on Iraq ASAP. We cannot afford to divert hundreds of billions of dollars to destroying another company's economy and slaughtering its people.

Instead, President Obama wants to keep 50,000 US troops there to oppress and slaughter the Iraqi people, while doing even more damage to their infrastructure and economy. That's just plain crazy. Even worse, he wants very few US troops taken out this year.

This year, our economy is in shambles. We need to boost our economy now by ending the war and getting our troops out in a few weeks. We don't need to continue the costly occupation, especially under these circumstances.

Dennis Kucinich expresses his views on the subject. He's going too easy on Obama, but at least he is saying something. The MSNBC media shill is doing everything she can to protect parent company GE's war profiteering.

We need to do more to oppose the Iraq War. We need the peace movement to get more focused on Iraq, instead of trying to win every issue on its long list in face of a hostile administration. Over 1.3 million Iraqis have been killed. There need to be massive protests.

Obama is taking a huge personal risk to support an illegal war. The facts are that the war on Iraq is a war of aggression and an act of genocide. These are war crimes under international law. If Obama doesn't get all of our troops out of Iraq ASAP, he will be subject to criminal prosecution in any country in the world for the rest of his life, just like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gates, and General Betray Us.



  1. It is interesting that Repubs applaud his plan... But Dems don't!

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. Can't say I'm surprised. I was rolling my eyes about this earlier today, and I also overheard some guys having a heated discussion about this while I was out stimulating the economy today (I think it needed a cigarette afterwards!).

    I'm afraid this is going to turn into another South Korea, or at worst, sound just like McCain's "100 years" statement (or whatever it was).



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