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Obama Keeps Discharging Queers

Posted by libhom Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hat Tip for the graphic goes to Traveling Man Rick's Blog.

Obama looking sillyAt least they are putting "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in quotes. DADT is a more draconian version of the military ban than the one that Reagan put into place. It has the force of law, rather than being an executive order too, which makes it more difficult to change. Thanks Bill Clinton.

Anyway, an aspect of the Obama administration's enforcement that is particularly galling is their law enforcement priorities. They are going full out to enforce the military ban and discharge queers, but Bush regime war criminals are not being prosecuted for crimes against humanity. There are plenty of banksters, broksters, and mortgage brokers who already should have been prosecuted for fraud, yet most of them are not facing any well deserved criminal charges.

When it comes to the military ban, the Obama Administration says the law is the law. When it comes to wealthy and well connected criminals guilty of truly heinous offenses, the Obama people say that we need to look forward, not backward.

This is total bullshit.

Photo: jurvetson



  1. John Says:
  2. I agree totally with you post. Bravo! And yes it's total b.s.

    When I saw that badge on travelingmanrick's blog, I added to this past Saturday. On that day the count was 258 and now look at it.

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. Despite boycotts and protests the DNC LGBT hootenanny in Washington DC went off without a hitch last night and netted $1 million.

    Biden gave a mindless, empty-headed speech lacking a timetable for action on the two most nagging LGBT issues dogging Obama:

    1. the repeal of DOMA
    2. the repeal of DADT

    The Uncle and Aunty Toms who attended last night and paid from $1,000 to $34,000 (individual and table) should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. two crows Says:
  6. this whole thing would be such a joke if it didn't impact so many, many lives in devastating ways.

    in case you haven't heard, Dan Choi is coming up on his hearing soon. he has sent out a petition asking us to sign it. he wants to present it to the board he has to appear before.

    here's the url:

  7. JayV Says:
  8. Worth a look is this, from Democracy Now! yesterday...
    "A Look at the Gay Rights Movement Beyond Marriage and the Military"

    Yesterday's DN! program was devoted to the 30th anniversary of Stonewall.



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