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The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (a racist, misogynistic, and heterosexist hate group as evil as the Ku Klux Klan) issued a statement demanding that abortion coverage be taken out of healthcare legislation in the House last weekend.

Abortion is a perfectly legitimate medical procedure and a basic right of women. No one can honestly argue otherwise. Opposition to abortion rights is based largely on a venomous and fanatical hatred of women and a desire to keep women down. The decision by an organization which bans women from being members to attack women may not be surprising, but it is reprehensible.

Of course, racism has always played role in Roman Catholic opposition to abortion too. Lay leaders like Adolph Hitler and Pat Buchanan have openly opposed abortion in order to force white women to have more white babies. Current RCC Pope, Joseph Ratzinger may not express such views openly, but obsessive racism plays a role in everything he does, especially his genocidal campaign against condom use in Africa.

Obviously, any meddling in politics by a church or by church leaders is a violation of the legal commitment made when any religious group accepts tax exempt status. The fact that the RCC and the Mormon church/hate group still are tax exempt shows our government's utter disdain for the rule of law.

Even if one were to accept the anti American meddling by clerics in general, the action of these RCC bishops is specifically repugnant. They should be using all of this time and energy on stopping the rampant rape of children within their priesthood. Instead, the vast majority of their energy on the subject of child molestation is to try to cover up their denomination's involvement in it.

A church that prefers attacking women to stopping their own child molesters is beneath contempt. In fact, this mentality is beneath the comprehension of any moral, civilized human being.


1 Responses to Bishops Attack Women Instead of Fighting Child Molestation Among Their Clergy

  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. The Catholic Church not only needs people sitting in their pews, they need people filling their collection plates with cash (mainly to make up for the hush money they've paid out to people to cover up the crimes of the clergy). Every aborted fetus is one less brainwashed potential Catholic to tithe away their future to support an anachronistic dynasty.



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