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Bite Me, Lou Dobbs

Posted by libhom Thursday, November 12, 2009

Illustration of hand giving someone the fingerBy the time you read this, I'm sure you will have heard that Lou Dobbs has left CNN. I have a personal reason for being glad that Osama bin Dobbs no longer will be on the Corporate News Network. They have CNN on at my gym right above the mats where I do abs. Being a captive audience for that piece of filth was really annoying.

There are lots of reasons to hate Lou Dobbs. He is horribly racist and homophobic. He is a cheesy, partisan Republican hack. All that gets a lot of attention. Dobbs is irritating for other reasons, which get less attention.

- He is incredibly vain.

- He has this annoying habit of resting his head on his chin to try to look intelligent while he babbles.

- Dobbs and his cronies made shit up all the time.

- He pretends he cares about middle class people like me when he is a total shill for the wealthy and corporations.

- His smile is incredibly sinister.

- He brags more than one of Linda McMahon's WWE superstars.

It was such a pain trying to avert my eyes from looking forward while doing abs. I did a little happy dance when I read he was leaving CNN. If that network really wants to improve their ratings, they should continue their winning streak by having Anderson Cooper do the newsreading in a pair of Speedos.

Illustration: ddogbreath


  1. TomCat Says:
  2. Be careful what you wish for. If Lou Dobbs did bite you, you'd probably get rabies.

  3. Lew Scannon Says:
  4. This proves tha at least CNN is responsive to viewers, as opposed to Fox, which will not fire Sean Hannity, even after he admitted using fake footage to reflect innaccurate numbers at a tea bagger rally.

  5. Writer Says:
  6. I think I'll be unable to work for the rest of the day, imagining Anderson Cooper in Speedos.

    I DID do a happy dance when I heard he left...however, I'm waiting for the tearful Dobbs/Beck reunion on FOX. You know it's gonna happen.

  7. dmarks Says:
  8. I drop by here every once in a while, and do not agree often. But here I pretty much agree. Dobbs always engages in the worst sort of populist rabble-rousing inciting hatred of immigrants and foreign people. He likes to talk about "the war on the middle class". A war he thinks is being waged by evil drooling hoardes of brown people.

    All's good then.... unless CNN replaces him with Pat Buchanan. And if that happens, all that will be different will be that there will be a new set of funny facial gestures.

    (Not sure of your point on Corporate News Network. Most news organizations are incorporated for liability, asset, accounting, etc reasons. Even small alternative ones)

  9. Jolly Roger Says:
  10. He'll be back on FOX "News" in no time.

  11. Unknown Says:
  12. AC is the only personality I watch on CNN.



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