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More Fabulous Hits From Billionaires for Wealthcare

Posted by libhom Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let them eat Advil.  www.billionairesforwealthcare.comThese emblems of the upper crust, Billionaires for Wealthcare, just keep the hits coming. The SF group performed "We Shall Overcharge" at a protest against Blue Cross, a formerly nonprofit group that was transformed in a sleazy deal to a for profit corporation a while back, causing rates to skyrocket. I share the protesters' goal of single payer healthcare.

This hit is so smokin' hot that it already has been covered by somebody else on YouTube. But, only the original version is good enough here on Godless Liberal Homo.

The Billionaires also serenaded the teabaggers in DC. I love the CIGNA Palin 2012 sign.

Another chart climber: Save the Status Quo


  1. earwicga Says:
  2. They are terribly clever and I hope they have some impact.

    It's so sad that anybody campaigns against healthcare for all. I totally don't understand it. They can't all be evil people so why do they do it?

  3. Writer Says:
  4. Sorry to be off-topic but I could not find an email for you. This is in response to your comment on my blog: you mention there are alternatives, and I agree that there are, but what are they? We have this dicotomous government and we've had it for so long that other options (practical, doable, not having to change the very basis of society options) are hard to see. I then I have friends (you among them) who say there are options, but typically don't say what they are.

  5. TomCat Says:
  6. Great find, Libhom. Loved it.

  7. Cirze Says:
  8. I wrote about the BCBS for-profit change for years to no avail as everyone in NC thinks they are doing the profiting.


    It's lonely down here.

    Thanks for the videos!




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