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Spain Also Suffering Due to Bankster Corruption

Posted by libhom Monday, May 03, 2010

map of SpainA lot of attention is deservedly going to Greece, which is facing a fiscal crisis due to the global downturn. Greece isn't the only European country in trouble.

Spain's unemployment rate was at 20% at the end of the first quarter this year. Official unemployment figures during the beginning of the Great Depression here in the US was at 25%, to provide a sense of perspective.

Most of the corporate media reporting on Spain, like that on Greece, is focusing on demands by the bankster controlled IMF and the corrupt rightist government in Germany for the Spanish government to cut spending on social programs (though not on the military). No mention is made about making the banks and the speculators who own them pay for the damage they have done.

Coverage on the global downturn typically censors the idea of making the rich pay their fair share of taxes instead of budget cuts for the middle class and the poor. Global tax cuts for the rich have done enormous damage to the well being of the overwhelming majority of the people on the planet, yet that topic is kept off the table by the "liberal press."




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