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Action Against Oil Spills on a Wednesday

Posted by libhom Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Before I get to the calls to action, I thought I would point out that the corporate media are incredibly gullible (or paid off through advertising) when they buy British Petroleum's claim that the oily muck they put into the Gulf of Mexico has disappeared. Here's an example from Democracy Now of what actually is happening.

We speak with independent journalist Anotnia Juhasz who is just back from Louisiana where she found what she calls some of BP’s "missing oil"–on the wetlands and beaches along the waterways near St. Mary’s Parish, where no one is booming, cleaning, skimming, or watching.

1. Make Sure British Petroleum Is Fully Liable for Those Killed in Its Offshore Drilling Explosion

One of the most important things to do to prevent more oil spills is to make sure that corporations that engage in the reckless and negligent practice of offshore oil drilling take full financial responsibility for the harm that is done by offshore drilling. Letting British Petroleum and other Big Oil corporations off the hook in any way gives them a financial incentive to continue drilling off of our nation's precious coasts.

Care2 and Credo Action have an Action Alert addressing this critical issue. (Note that the incredibly corrupt and evil US Chamber of Commerce is aiding and abetting British Petroleum in this case.)
BP is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation's largest and most influential lobbying organization. Last year, the Chamber spent $144 million opposing reforms in Congress. Though it claims to represent small business, the Chamber's positions nearly always align with the priorities of its biggest, and dirtiest members, including the coal and gas, health insurance and banking industries.

This year, the Chamber has had ample opportunity to defend its member business BP. While BP sits on the sidelines, the Chamber spends millions protecting BP's interests. It continues to demand greater offshore drilling, opposes increasing liability for oil spill damages and opposes increasing liability for workers killed in off-shore accidents.

Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to close a loophole in maritime law that limits liability for off-shore accidents. BP has not opposed this law publicly. How could it? The bill would allow the families of the eleven dead BP workers to recover the same amount in damages as they would be able to if the accident had occurred closer to or on shore. This is simple fairness, and the bill, called the SPILL Act, is remedying decades of disparity for off- shore workers.

The U.S. Chamber vociferously opposes the bill. Don't let the Chamber do BP's dirty work. Write to your senators and ask them to vote for the SPILL Act.

Please Take Action!

The Chamber isn't just guilty of helping Big Oil in this case. They also are guilty of working to block any meaningful action to fight global warming in Congress. This is one organization that corporations should face boycott campaigns if they don't cancel their memberships.

2. Support and Blog About Campaigns to Seize British Petroleum's Assets and Revoke Its Corporate Charter

If British Petroleum gets away with its heinous crimes, other corporations will be more likely to model their behavior after the corporation that is far from "Beyond Petroleum." If corporations aren't held accountable for their behavior, that behavior will keep getting worse. It's time to make an example of British Petroleum. Please consider supporting these efforts and bringing up these critical issues in your blogs.

Revoke BP's Corporate Charter http://bit.ly/revokebpscharter Seize BP Petition button

1 Responses to Action Against Oil Spills on a Wednesday

  1. The families of the 11 workers killed should sue BP back to the stone age. Then every fisherman, shrimper, hotel operator and tour boat captain should file suits. And not just BP, but executives who chose to cut corners should be sued personally. And charged with manslaughter.



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