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cake with WTF written on itThere is something so incredibly creepy and inappropriate about injecting religion into every aspect of life. A truly offensive and intrusive aspect of this is the existence of "halal" and "kosher" restaurants. What is it about so many religionists that they insist on trying to impose their religion on every last aspect of life, acting like dogs that insist on pissing religion everywhere in order to mark their territory?

If people want to believe childish and irrational food superstitions, that's their choice, but in a public business, they should respect others enough not to use those superstitions as an excuse to shove their religions down everyone else's throats. When somebody discriminates against me this way, I tend to take my atheist business elsewhere.

Fundamantalist Christians and Roman Catholics are guilty of similar behavior. They insist on having "Christian" and "Catholic" businesses in order to use their businesses to mark territory for their faiths. That alone is enough reason for me to avoid those bigoted businesses. However, there is an added problem. There's a huge risk that a portion of the proceeds from purchases at those businesses end up in the hand of heterosexist and anti atheist hate groups. It would be self defeating and stupid for me to patronize these businesses.

If religionists really believe in these supposedly all powerful and all knowing gods, there should be no reason to mark the whole world as their territory. If these gods actually existed, there would be no need to do so. In any case, I'm burned out on this anti atheist discrimination and avoid feeding into it.

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  1. One good thing about kosher food--it's cleaner. My mother, the dietitian, told me that kosher standards are way more strict than FDA standards. That said, ever try halal "bacon?" Don't. It blows.

  2. Dave Says:
  3. When making my restaurant selections, I usually won't frequent a place unless it serves alcohol. This usually solves any religious nuttery while eating!

  4. Yeah... I used to request Kosher food on planes just cuz I knew it was better regulated... Animals were killed humanely, and so forth... But I applaud your resolve!

  5. Chris Chen Says:
  6. I don't tend to care about religious labels on business establishments. What irks me, however, is when my Christian family insists that I *only* go to Christian establishments (when they are available) because their proprietors go to our church. I believe that when Christian business build up a client case of like-minded patrons, they circumvent competition and thus cease to worry about quality control, timeliness, efficiency, etc.



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