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Target logo with a slash through it and the word Regret
As you have probably heard, Target gave $150,000 to a corrupt PAC which was used for political ads to support the viciously hetersexist Tom Emmer, the GOP candidate for Governor in Minnesota. Queer activists have called for a boycott of Target and of Best Buy, which is guilty of making a smaller but substantial contribution for the same purpose. MoveOn.org has joined in, though they are more focused on the partisan aspect of the issue.

There are Facebook groups calling for the boycotts of Target and Best Buy. There have been protests at some Target stores. Some LGBT activists have gotten quite creative.

The boycott is getting attention in the queer press, such as this
Washington Blade article, as well as getting some coverage in the hetero press.

The Boycott Target group has the following contact information.

Customer Relations:

The HRC has refused to support the boycott, being too beholden to corporations to fight for our rights, as usual. They wasted time with a bullshit meeting with Target instead of joining the fight. The more you know about the HRC, the less likely you are to give that parasitical and corrupt organization a dime.

I've already skipped a trip to Target and did some online shopping with somebody else because of this. I don't go to Best Buy more than once or twice a year, but this will definitely cut back on my shopping there.

Target's claims about this also offend me. They say that they are exercising their free speech rights. There are two facts that neither Target nor the rightist majority on the Supreme Court recognize.

1) Campaign contributions are not speech.

2) Corporations have no constitutional rights. Only people do.

Bigotry, corruption, and lies are disturbingly common in corporations. What is new about this is seeing so many people fight back. It's about time.



  1. The rest of America should thank the queers. After that horrid SC decision (Citizens United) let corporations buy politicians outright (instead of hiding it), the only thing that may stop the potential abuse by corporations is if they think they may lose some pennies by making donations. Of course, they'll try to move next to block our attempts to see who they give their $$$ to, but for now, the queers are saving the country.

  2. TomCat Says:
  3. I hope I'm welcome in this, even if I am a closet heterosexual. I won't tell if you don't. ;-)

  4. i am glad the nearest target is in brooklyn - far enough to stay away.

    sadly this corporate control over speech and elections is only going to get worse

    but then again i dont know if our political system can get anymore corrupt - it sucks so bad as it is

  5. Jolly Roger Says:
  6. I wonder how long before the SCROTUS decides that organizing boycotts violates the "rights" of those poor, downtrodden corporations?



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