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Is Lindsay Graham Pushing the Military Ban to Stay in the Closet?

Posted by libhom Friday, December 03, 2010

Lindsey Graham with is fingers an inch and a half apart
Lindsay Graham discussing the size of his penis?
Photo: World Economic Forum

Extreme right Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-Christian Taliban) has to be the most frequently outed of the heterosexist Republicans in DC. (Yes, I know that the corporate media frequently market him as a "moderate," but look at his actual record and you will see that he is on the far right fringe.)

Recent events are making me wonder if those who are outing the wingnut are onto something. Why would a "moderate" Senator make such a big deal of pushing a wildly unpopular position like supporting the military ban? (From On Top Magazine 11/30/10)

Graham, also a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, expressed a similar sentiment.

“Well, there are service chiefs who object to repeal, particularly the Marine Corps. And the question that was asked of our military is how would you implement 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' once it's repealed. They didn't ask the question, 'Should it be repealed?'”

“This is a political promise made by Senator Obama when he was running for president,” the South Carolina Republican said. “There is no groundswell of opposition to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' coming from our military. This is all politics.”

Graham also predicted Republicans would unite to block repeal of the law.

If Graham were heterosexual and politically astute, he would avoid getting involved in an issue where the GOP's position is at odds with the overwhelming majority of the American people. Either Graham is an incredibly amateurish politician, or he is trying a bit too hard to cover up homosexuality.

In any case, Graham is a slimeball who is deserving of nothing but utter contempt.




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