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"The Cycle of Netroots"

Posted by libhom Monday, August 06, 2007

Democracy in Action has a great graphic with the dilemma liberals face:

Most Important Election Ever, Democrats Enact Horrible Policies (You are here), Need for More and Better Democrats, back to start

Any ideas on how to break this cycle?

(Thanks to The Left End of the Dial for pointing publicizing this.

1 Responses to "The Cycle of Netroots"

  1. Dave Cias Says:
  2. How to break the cycle?...

    Vote for a different sort of Democrat, or even a different sort of Republican.

    So far, it's hard to tell the difference between last year's GOP congress and this year's Dem congress.

    Perhaps doing the same thing the same way over and over while expecting a different result really is the definition of insanity.



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