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The Clinton Campaign's Dirty Tactics Have Moved Me to Support Obama

Posted by libhom Thursday, January 10, 2008

The ability of the Clinton campaign to sicken me is their most consistent characteristic. When they used surrogates to bring up his Obama's youthful drug use, the hypocrisy of attacking someone for what Bill Clinton also did when he was young was pathetic. Having a sleazeball like Bob Kerrey attack Obama because his name supposedly "sounds Muslim," was both bigoted against non-Christians and absolute political cowardice.

Then, Ms. Clinton and her campaign staffers played a twisted game of constantly "distancing" and "apologizing" so they could keep the non-stories in the media. A conservative Republican like Hillary Clinton has nothing to offer Democrats, so her campaign is forced to engage in misleading and childish attacks against her opponents that have nothing to do with their records or positions on the issues.

And, her campaign's emails to rightist lists and postings on rightist web sites, claiming that Obama is secretly a Muslim and lying to the public show how low the Clinton campaign will go.

For me, the last straw happened just before the New Hampshire primary. The Clinton campaign already has been caught planting questions at campaign events. However, sunk to another low when they planted two men at a campaign event to scream "iron my shirts" at Clinton. Fanning the flames of misogyny in order to gain a short term political benefit from the backlash in New Hampshire is inexcusable.

Barack Obama is not my first choice for who I would like to be President. That would be Dennis Kucinich, the true liberal running for the Democratic nomination. Obama is a centrist and would thus be a mediocre president. However, a mediocre president would be far better than any Republican, including Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons, like the Bushes, are cancers on our political system and our nation's intellectual life. Orwellian claims by Ms. Clinton that she stands for "change" when she supports the same Republican policies as her horrible, horrible husband insults the intelligence of the American people. The Clintons are not just Republicans just by their positions on the issues; they are Republicans by the tactics they use in their campaigns.

Once the Democratic presidential nomination is decided, I'll start embedding Kucinich videos again because he has so much to say, and he is an example of the kind of president America desperately needs and deserves. But, if he can't get over 2% in New Hampshire, he isn't winning this time.

The main thing is stopping the Clintons.



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