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Some of the Reasons Why I Will Not Vote for Hillary Clinton

Posted by libhom Sunday, January 13, 2008

There are many reasons why I never have voted for any Clinton for public office. I find the Clintons even more disturbing now that they are starting a family political dynasty similar to that of the Bushes. Family dynasties are antithetical to democracy and represent a monarchial approach to government.

Here are some of the things Ms. Clinton has done that would keep me from voting for her even if she were not part of a family political dynasty.

  1. Voted for the Iraq War.

  2. Called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" progress.

  3. Voted for a use of force authorization for a war with Iran.

  4. Has committed to keeping US troops in Iraq until at least 2013.

  5. Supports the death penalty.

  6. Has refused to promote gun control.

  7. Has worked to exclude anti-war candidates in the Democratic Party debates.

  8. Supports more corporate trade deals instead of repealing the ones that are destroying our economy as it is.

  9. Uses dirty campaign tactics.

  10. Pandered to the Christian Right on abortion and birth control.

  11. Supports "three strikes" laws that result in life prison sentences for petty offenses.

  12. Has not committed to repealing Bush's tax cuts for the rich.

  13. Supported Lieberman instead of Lamont in the 2006 Connecticut Senate Democratic primary.

  14. Has parroted Patreus's false claims of progress in Iraq.

  15. Has supported Israel's illegal settlements in Palestine.

  16. Has refused to offer public leadership in the Senate on abortion rights and lgbt issues.

  17. Has a cosy political relationship with Rupert Murdoch and other Faux News executives and refuses to return their dirty political contributions.

  18. Has refused to repudiate the Republican policies of her husband's administration.

  19. Has yet to push for jobs getting rid of tax breaks for corporations that ship US jobs abroad.

  20. Has a healthcare plan that fines people for not being able to afford insurance.

  21. Has voted to fund the Iraq war every time except once.


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  4. Billy also signed the Telco Act, which took us from 13 companies down to 5 mega-corporations..



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