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Obama Gets Twice As Many Votes as Clinton in South Carolina

Posted by libhom Saturday, January 26, 2008

Barack Obama at town hall meeting
There are two big news stories in the wake of the South Carolina Democratic primary now that 99% of the precincts have been counted.

1) Barack Obama received twice as many votes as Hillary Clinton.

2) Barack Obama received the first majority vote in a Democratic Primary or caucus. (Previous victories for Clinton and Obama were pluralities significantly short of majorities.)

Watch the Clinton campaign and the corporate media use dirty tactics to distract attention from the main story of today's primary.

1 Responses to Obama Gets Twice As Many Votes as Clinton in South Carolina

  1. James Says:
  2. I'm excited that Obama is ahead (albeit by only two percentage points) in my state of Colorado.

    That he is ahead at all is impressive since Hillary has been ahead for quite some time here. In September of last year she had a 16 point lead.



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