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The Real Reason NBC Is Trying to Exclude Kucinich

Posted by libhom Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Now that NBC has appealed a court decision guaranteeing Kucinich entry into the next Democratic presidential debate, it is time to discuss why. Kucinich met the original criteria for the debate, yet NBC decided to change the criteria to get the outcome they wanted.

NBC is owned by General Electric, one of the world's largest arms makers. They are making windfall profits from the Iraq war and hope to continue doing so. GE would like nothing more than to silence the strongest voice in the Democratic Party for bringing our troops home.

This is an example of why media ownership is so important and how corporate profits often trump journalistic concerns in the corporate media.


  1. ya know no matter what one may think of Kucinich at this point in time.

    What the media is doing IS JUST PLAIN WRONG. and we call this a democracy ?

    First off they televise the elections like a was a team sport, they do precious to educate the viewers as to the complex caucus or primary process in each new state. They barely say anything about the delegate system and how it relates to the National nominating Conventions,NOR the current events and controversies going on within the recent states ie Michigan and Florida pushing their primaries up.

    All and all the coverage IS sickening - to the point i cannot barely stand to watch it for long. And the post hits the nail on the head - the ROOT of the Matter , no time for any voices who would shout truth to power about america's main export, the war machine.

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