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Kucinich Gets It!

Posted by libhom Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dennis Kucinich really tells the truth about the influence of money in politics. Here is his House campaign message:

In a recent campaign email, he discussed the role of the corporate media in US politics with candor rarely seen from a US politician.

Over the past several weeks, the alphabets of corporate media dug their heels in the court system and in the federal agency established to protect and advocate fairness on the public airwaves (FCC), to keep Dennis Kucinich from bringing his ideas – your ideas – to the Democratic Presidential debates: ABC ... NBC ... GE ... MSNBC ... CNN.

On Sunday, another major media corporation, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer newspaper, followed the lead established by the national media, and demanded that Dennis Kucinich should be removed from his office as Congressman in the 10th District of Ohio. Why? "his defiance" of Congressional go-along, get-along policies.

It's time fight back against the powers that are trying to steal your power as citizens of the United States of America.

So far, the corporate media have succeeded in setting the agenda. They have argued, for their own profit-driven and self-serving interests, that private corporations are exempt by the First Amendment from providing full and fair and non-pre-selected information to you, the people -- even though freedom of speech is your right under the U.S. Constitution.

They have manipulated the political and judicial process to ensure that private media corporations will decide what you can hear, what you can see, what you can read, and what you are allowed to know.

One of the reasons America needs Kucinich in Congress so desperately is that he keeps telling the truth when the corporations want politicians to just play along.



  1. yeah he get it, but gosh darn it i wish he could apply it, ie. all these last yrs in congress, honestly where the hell were the bills he could have brought to the floor regarding OHIO and its electoral problems ? This could have been ought to have been something he ran with ? I remain perplexed as to why he hasn't..some have postulated and i ponder it myself..if dennis is not a guy who just keeps the liberals dancing with the Democrats. just a thought.. Love the new Obama Badge ! Notes is sporting one as well. WE got to go with the best we have. And have to prevent a dynasty. Not only that , but i do believe in him. I believe he will absolutely do the very best he can for the poor and disenfranchised. First we got to get him elected. I vote on the 5th !

  2. libhom Says:
  3. I don't think Dennis is keeping anyone dancing with the Democrats. Progressives are perfectly capable of voting for a Democrat like Kucinich while disagreeing with him at times over who to support in the general election.

    I share your desire that Kucinich do more about Ohio's election frauds, but he deserves so much credit for introducing articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney.

  4. Lew Scannon Says:
  5. Kucinich seems to be one of the rare politicians these days, guided by a sense of right and wrong and providing justice to those who need it the most. It was a shame more progressives are swayed by the cult-of-personality types running for president, I think he would have made an excellent one. If only the media hadn't totally ignored him.



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