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Don't Forget the Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Posted by libhom Saturday, January 26, 2008

The reason I've kept a link to the Lionboi Blues and News blog, despite the lack of continued postings, is it's last entry. I would strongly recommend you see it.

The corporate media want us to forget the bridge collapse and our nation's crumbling infrastructure because they want more tax breaks and more corporate welfare. Meanwhile, our society is physically falling apart.

The irony of all of the politicians' talk of "stimulus plans" is that none of their plans provide the immediate economic boost that comes from the immediate jobs provided by an emergency public works program. Dealing with a major long-term problem would help ease our current economic mess.

Yet, sanity is trumped by the insatiable greed of the wealthy in this society.

1 Responses to Don't Forget the Minnesota Bridge Collapse

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. interesting comic and post over on the other blog... as someone who drives (drove) that bridge twice a day (and missed being on it when it fell by 30 minutes), it was a good reminder of the real problem.

    i don't know that people fully grasp the power of the bridge collapse unless they see it/live with it daily. but even living with it daily, it's easy to forget.

    thank you.



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