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Clinton Adviser Attacks Liberals

Posted by libhom Monday, April 14, 2008

From the Fayetteville Observer 4/13/08:

Clinton aide decries ‘liberal elites’

By Mike Baker
The Associated Press

WILSON — Bill Clinton didn’t directly mention Barack Obama’s comments about bitter working-class voters as he campaigned for his wife across eastern North Carolina on Saturday, but he might have been the only one who didn’t.

Former state Democratic Party chairman and current Hillary Rodham Clinton adviser Tom Hendrickson, when introducing the former president at a rally in Wilson, said rural voters don’t need “liberal elites” telling them what to believe. Before the rally began, Clinton campaign staff members gave volunteers stickers reading “We’re not bitter.”

This line about liberals being elitist is an old, far-right, Republican talking point. It is both ironic and absurd, given the fact that it is the right which represents the interests of the wealthy elites.

I would like to say I'm surprised that a Clinton adviser would use an old trick from the GOP playbook, but it is so consistent with the Clintons' true values and agenda. The Clintons are rightist Republicans in every way except party registration.

The Clintons are so of-the-people that they have received tens of millions of dollars in "speaking fees" in return for right-wing policies which have made the rich richer and everyone else poorer.


  1. I read the Huffington Post this morning and indeed, she is using the Rove handbook of dirty tricks. How sad that Hillary has resorted to this.

  2. Chandira Says:
  3. Yeah, isn't that the most stupid thing ever? Grr..

    Talk about 'spin'.

  4. listening to her amplyfy the rights attacks on Obama last night during the debate made me want to throw up - Hillary and Billary are the right. HOW any democrat can fall for their bullshit is beyond me. How she has ANY supporters left is beyond me. To Obama's credit , he speaks to the public as if WE had a brain. He explains things..could you believe the IDOICY ..a question about whether or why he doesn't wear a fuckin flag pin...???

    We are beyond stupid in this country..meanwhile we are getting fleeced regularly by policies which favor corporations, not people. Its soo fuckin stupid..and yeah the spin...it never ends.

  5. The longer she stays in it the more people she pisses off.

  6. James Says:
  7. She's becoming that pesky mosquito that won't go away. It's clear that she cares more for herself and her own agenda and power than that of what's best for the Democrats and Liberals.

    If she really cared she would have gotten out long ago for the good of the party. She cares more about the power than the message.



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