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What the More Extreme Clinton Supporters Actually Believe

Posted by libhom Monday, April 21, 2008

Obviously, this doesn't apply to everyone who has voted for Hillary Clinton, but it certainly describes her most unthinking and rabid zealots. They are starting to remind me of the Paul obsessives from a few months ago.

Here is what some of them actually believe:

When Clinton responds to negative media coverage, she is a tough candidate who can win.

When Obama responds to negative media coverage, he is the "boy in the bubble."

Corporate media outlets routinely go against the interests of the corporations that own them by supporting the centrist Obama over the conservative Clinton.

Campaign promises should be taken as literal facts, even when they contradict the actual record of a given politician.

Any criticism of Clinton is misogynist, regardless of what that criticism is.

Clinton, a militant Christian fundamentalist, actually is a feminist.

Clinton is more experienced although she has less experience in public office than Obama does.

Any sleazy campaign tactic is OK because the Republicans will use that tactic in November.

Even though Clinton publicly supported NAFTA and lobbied for it, she always was against it.

Clinton's inaccurate claims in prepared remarks about a Bosnia trip were the result of her being tired.

Enthusiasm for a political candidate which would be perfectly normal in most democracies is cultish.

Having "superdelegates" select a nominee is a legitimate, democratic process.

Being half black in an incredibly racist society is a political advantage.

A vote for the war in Iraq is not a vote for the war in Iraq.

A vote for a war with Iran is not a vote for a war with Iran.

Guilt by association is intellectually valid, if the target is Obama.

A history of broken promises should be ignored.

Liberals are the true elites, not super wealthy donors.

The only factor any voter considers is whether or not they want a woman president. So, any Obama supporter is against having a woman president.

Hillary Clinton deserves credit for anything anyone likes about Bill Clinton's administration, but no blame for anything anyone dislikes about her husband's administration.

Clinton is a woman of the people, even though she was on Wal-Mart's board of directors for six years. (She also sips from a shot glass.)

Optimism and hope are sinister and must be stopped at all costs.



  1. Tengrain Says:
  2. Nicely summarized! I keep running into all these contradictions from the Hillions, and I just don't get it.



  3. Christopher Says:
  4. Lib,

    The Borg Queen said for the second time that she plans to use nuclear weapons in a "massive retaliation" against Iran if Israel is attacked.

    She said the first time in the terrible ABC debate last Wednesday and then she repeated it on Keith's program last night.

    Think about: this whack case broad plans to unleash a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East if Israel is attacked. Is she insane?

    I know, Hillary is the darling of AIPAC as well as the whoregirl of the Likud party but, there is something seriously wrong with her mind if she is out there chortling about nuking a nation of 80 million people.

  5. Jeff Says:
  6. Nicely done. Spending time in the comment sections of Salon.com and Talking Points Memo lately has made feel ill, because I keep seeing examples there of what you describe.

    I can't wait until we can stop fighting each other and unite against McCain.

  7. Tom Harper Says:
  8. Good rundown of Hillary's "reasoning." I can't believe she's actually trying to count her 8 years as First Lady as "experience." I forget who, but somebody said that with that reasoning, Mike Tyson's ex-wife is the world heavyweight champion.

  9. Christopher Says:
  10. Correction!

    One of my readers found a third time the Borg Queen threatened to start WWIII -- a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East.

    She said she'd launch a massive, nuclear attack on Iran during an appearance on the dreadful ABC morning show, Good Morning America.

    This woman is crazier than Joe Lieberman and I thought he had the Gold ribbon on whacko.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. You hit the nail square on the head. It's not that I don't wanna see a female president, it's just that I'd rather see a good female president. Since there ain't one runnin', I have to go with the best democratic candidate, that'd be Sen. Obama.

  13. Great post! You are absolutely correct. Who is this woman anyway? She takes both sides of every issue and then lies when confronted. I for one am sick and tired of the whole Clinton clan!

  14. libhom Says:
  15. minnesota: You have summarized my feelings quite well. I wish there was a constitutional amendment banning the Bushes and Clintons from any public office.

  16. JACQ Says:
  17. SIGH

    Awesome post. Don't mean to be a lurker, GLH, but I've been rushing through my blogging recently without commenting.

    I don't know, guys, I keep thinking we're all in big trouble. I'm afraid these voters will end up panicking and vote for McCain no matter WHO the democratic nominee is. I agree on all points raised.

    I voted for Obama and I strongly support him.

  18. Brilliant.



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