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A Grassroots Video for Obama

Posted by libhom Friday, April 25, 2008

Hat tip to the Pagan Sphinx for pointing this out. Her friends Poetryman and Ben Heine made it. This is part of a MoveOn.org pro-Obama, and Pagan Sphinx would like her friends to win.

My favorite part of it is that it reminds us of the hope and inspiration that Obama represents. The corporate media along with the Clinton and "Keating Five" McCain campaigns want us to avoid even the thought of working for a better country. They want us cynical and in a state of complete resignation.

You can vote for this video. There are lots of contestants. If they don't win, I hope they put it on YouTube. The visuals have artistic merit.



  1. Pagan Sphinx Says:
  2. Hi, Lib

    I've slow to get over here and thank you for your support of the Obama In 30 Seconds contest. It's cool that Ben Heine is not an American and understands how critical it is to the world that we get those bastard republicans out on their asses. Like you Ben and Mark (Poetryman) are tireless in their efforts to make us aware of what's going on.

    Thank YOU also for having your finger on the pulse of what's going on of importance that we can contribute to.

    Peace, my friend

  3. I absolutely love that video!

  4. Mauigirl Says:
  5. Great video!



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