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It Is Clinton's Fault So Many Democrats Want Her to Drop Out

Posted by libhom Tuesday, April 01, 2008

People who want Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race have a lot of justifications for their views, justifications which have merit. Clinton has no chance of winning enough legitimate delegates to gain the nomination. All that remains for her is to steal the nomination via a superdelegate scam that would divide the party, and give the GOP the White House, the House, and the Senate as disenfranchised voters stayed home or voted for a candidate other than Clinton.

It also is true that Clinton's attacks make life easier for John "Keating Five" McCain. John McCain must be salivating at the site of Clinton smearing his eventual opponent, Barack Obama. The Clinton strategy of trashing Obama so Clinton can face McCain in 2012 is as unrealistic as it is reprehensible. If Obama loses to McCain, Democrats will overwhelmingly and accurately blame the Clintons, and the Clintons will never be forgiven.

However, more cerebral reasons for wanting Ms. Clinton to face reality are less motivating than an understandable emotional reaction to her behavior. The main reason that so many Democrats want Clinton out of the race is that the way she has conducted her campaign is absolutely sickening.

When you think of all the lies, the white supremacist hate, misdirection, fear mongering, and McCain glorification that has come form the Clinton Smear Campaign, it is easy to understand why people just want it all to stop. Hillary Clinton is running a Rove-style GOP campaign, trying to position herself as the lesser of two evils by making every dishonest negative comment she can.

Real Democrats feel like they need a shower when they listen to the Republican campaign of the Clintons. The Clintons' tactics really are that filthy. There just is no way Hillary Clinton will ever be president after this.



  1. Obob Says:
  2. "Hillary Clinton is running a Rove-style GOP campaign, trying to position herself as the lesser of two evils by making every dishonest negative comment she can."

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. I thoroughly detest the Borg Queen and if she and Billary steal the nomination from Barack, I will not vote for her in November. I can wait until 2012.

    She's GOP-lite; Bush in a Rayon pantsuit; and her voting record and policy positions make me cringe.

    The nail-in-the-coffin came after her campaign played the race card in Nevada, South Carolina and then Geraldine Ferraro. I'm truly taken aback how the Hillbots can turn a blind eye to this and continue to support her.

  5. what Christopher said.

    And i fully agree, the lying the tactics..its disgusting. Clearly an unrelenting personal power grab vs. any kind of altruism for this country or Public Service.

  6. Badthing1 Says:
  7. Hi Libhom :)

    I stopped respecting Hillary when she didn't divorce her sleazy husband Bill and would never THINK of voting for her for my President, as I can think of no worse role model for our country's young women than Hillary Clinton.

    What I REALLY wish is that we had a voting system that made me feel as if every single vote would be counted as such - not superdelegates or Electoral Colleges or any other such nonsense.

    SIGH...as a liberal Democrat I feel I need a shower when I listen to both Hillary AND Obama speak their sweet little lies. You have no idea how disappointed I am that Dennis Kucinich won't be sitting in the Oval Office where he belongs.

  8. libhom Says:
  9. badthing1:

    Kucinich definitely was the best of the Democrats running this year. However, I think it is unfair to Obama to in any way compare his campaign to the waking nightmare of the Clinton campaign.

  10. I am seriously worried that all of these calls for Clinton to drop out will end up helping her in Pennsylvania and later states. She seems to do best when it looks like she is about to be knocked out, which I attribute to the reluctance of women voters to play a role in defeating the first woman with a real chance to become president. Even as an Obama supporter, I feel guilty about that sometimes. I think that's why she bounced back in New Hampshire and part of why she bounced back when her campaign was on life support before Ohio and Texas.

  11. libhom Says:
  12. purple state pundit: My purpose in writing the post was to explain why there is so much of a sense among many Democrats that Clinton should drop out of the race and to show that it ultimately is Clinton's fault for alienating people with the way that she conducts her campaign. I was less interested at the time about whether people should call for her to drop out.

    You definitely raise some good points about political consequences of trying to get Ms. Clinton to quit.

    Listening to feminist programming on WBAI here in New York (www.wbai.org), I was reminded by some of the women callers that Clinton isn't a feminist. The sense of obligation that some feminists have to a non-feminist woman is interesting. Personally, I think it is an indictment of a political system that has treated the presidency as the exclusive domain of white males.



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