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New Yorkers: Please Tell Schumer to Stop Supporting Clinton

Posted by libhom Saturday, April 26, 2008

If you live in New York as I do, please Contact Schumer, and tell him to drop Clinton and support Obama.

The way that Ms. Clinton and her campaign have conducted themselves has been dishonest, horribly racist, and destructive to the Democratic Party as an institution. There is no way that Hillary Clinton can win a majority of the legitimate delegates. Her only chance of being the nominee is stealing the nomination via a superdelegate scam. If she pulls that off, she will face the fate of the last sleazebag who stole a Democratic nomination: Walter Mondale.

Clinton's long-standing support for the Iraq War is reprehensible. Her saber-rattling with Iran only makes her 2007 vote for a war with that country even more dangerous. Her threats of nuclear attacks against Iran raise serious questions about her judgement, her temperament, and her very sanity.

I've just contacted my non-Clinton senator and asked him to do what is best for the country and the party, not what is best for the Clintons.

Contact Schumer Now!


1 Responses to New Yorkers: Please Tell Schumer to Stop Supporting Clinton

  1. Christopher Says:
  2. Did you see him on CNN today with Leslie?

    Shameless. Appalling. Schumer has his nose wedged far, far, up Hillary's rectum and he's stopped making sense.



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