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The Dumbest New York State Tax Form - The IT-2

Posted by libhom Sunday, April 13, 2008

top of IT-2 Form, Summary of Federal Form W-2 Statements

I couldn't have made this one up if I tried. The geniuses in the New York State government actually make taxpayers fill out a form where the information is copied verbatim from W-2 forms, instead of including the W-2's with the state tax return.

The stupidity and lack of consideration for NY residents is sadly typical of the incompetent state government, a level of incompetency that is equaled by the New York City government. It's like they are having a race to go from the finish line to the start. If you don't believe me, try asking a question on 311. It's as if it is run by the Department of Wrong Answers.

The weird thing is that state and city governments in other parts of the country are far more efficient than in New York. Government efficiency increases massively west of the Mississippi, but New York is among the worst on the East Coast.

The irksome political aspect of this is that the rightists try to act like government is inherently inefficient (despite the fact that Medicare is much more efficient than HMO's and health insurance companies). Most of the major television media in this country are located in New York, so the writers, producers, reporters, etc., live in an environment which reinforces the right-wing view of government, even though it doesn't generally apply.



  1. Doing your taxes this weekend, eh? My sympathies.

  2. Christopher Says:
  3. We've never paid as much tax as we do living here in New York.

    One of the myriad of reasons Jim and I are looking forward to returning to California at the end of the year.

    The oft-heard phrase, "Albany is broken" is apt and if something doesn't change, I don't see how the state will ever be able to attract new business and new residents and compete with states in the southwest and west.

  4. Sam Says:
  5. I found this post on Google, where I was searching SPECIFICALLY to see if anyone had written about the annoying inefficiency of this completely useless form. Whatever happened to trying to REDUCE paperwork for taxpayers?

    I'm writing to my assembly member... This form is just ridiculous.

  6. cochon Says:
  7. i have lived in new york for 10 years and this is the first year that i'm doing my taxes. i tried the first year, and was completely baffled by the whole process. so i said fuck it. this year, i decided to hunker down and get it out of the way.

    new york sent me a letter saying that my it-2 form was from last year, which is ridiculous, because they are the exact same forms - only the year printed in the state is different on the document. the fact that the information is the same on the it-2 and w-2, when you think about it, all it does is increase the workload for the taxpayers and irs. it's so bizarre.

    why the fuck are state taxes harder than federal?

    ps. i love your blog description.

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. The State of New York is managed by a bunch of absolute idiots. A couple of years ago the NY State Dept of Taxation and Finance added a new for, IT-2 to make sure that your W-2 record was the same. Now how stupid is that? But this year the same dumb group of bureaucrats added Form IT-1099-R to keep track of the 1099s we receive. This addition is even dumber then Form IT-2. Our state is bankrupt and we have state employees running around adding more paper work to perpetrate their needless job. When will all this non sense stop? I guess when all the taxpayers have vacated the state as I plan to do soon.
    Wayne S.



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