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A Moving, Personal Perspective on the Armenian Genocide

Posted by libhom Saturday, April 26, 2008

I won't attempt to summarize it, but I just found an incredible personal perspective from someone whose grandparents lived through the Armenian genocide on Hrag Vartanian's blog.

My Armenian Genocide Story


  1. I'm telling the Turks on you for linking that.

  2. Pagan Sphinx Says:
  3. My ex and I once had a friend (in another life it seems), whose mother was Armenian and whose father was Iraqi. We had a neighbor and his wife who were Turks. The men couldn't stand each other. How can we ever stop the madness of war when neighbors can't get along because of their respective nations' historical hatreds?

  4. Badthing1 Says:
  5. Hi libhom,

    I just read Hraj's story and commented to him about it as well as dugg it so that more people could have an opportunity to read if for themselves. I still have tears in my eyes...

    I also just added your blog to my blogroll list and you can view it here:


    My doctor here in LA is from Iran and fled with his family from there years ago. He is SOOOO relieved that he did.

    Take care...



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