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Gustov's projected path puts landfall very close to New Orleans

Hurricane Gustav hasn't even made landfall in the US, and the Bush regime's negligence already has been showing. Bush has been fiddling instead of launching an immediate airlift of our National Guard from Iraq to the Gulf Coast.

It's bad enough that our National Guard is being misused on foreign colonial adventures instead of guarding the US and assisting with disasters. What's worse is that the Bush regime doesn't even have any interest in calling the National Guard back from Iraq to do their jobs, much less an actual plan.

Bush may never accept this responsibility. A competent, loyal president would have already begun the airlift.



  1. Unknown Says:
  2. I don't get it. His party is up for re-election. Or does no one really about this so that it would make a difference in the popularity of the Repugs?

  3. HERE HERE. Totally agreed. Bush is a show. He lives to endanger lives. Why the man hasn't been impeached will forever escape me.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Of course, the hurricane is inland now and the damage was minimal. But exactly what would airlifting National Guard troops into the path of a hurricane accomplish? Other than possibly getting them killed in a storm surge?

    The NG soldiers can't do a whole lot without trucks and other equipment; airlifting that in would take weeks.

    And of course, the Louisiana NG is already in place, and ready for the storm, and better yet: they know the territory. The LA guard were the unsung heroes of Katrina; they managed the rescue operation that saved 100,000 people in the days after the storm.



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