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McCain, Obama, CNN and Osama bin Warren's House of Hate

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 17, 2008

As a gay man, I am deeply offended that two major presidential candidates appeared at a forum held at a militant, fundamentalist indoctrination center like the Saddleback Church, deep behind the Orange Curtain in California. Pandering to a hate-monger like Osama bin Warren is disgraceful and sends a message of disrespect to queer voters. It also sends a message of disrespect to women and atheists. CNN should be ashamed of its decision to give up prime time hours to this illegitimate and unAmerican event.

Tell CNN Not to Broadcast This Event

There also are important state/church separation issues at stake.

From Americans United for Separation of Church press release 8/15/08:

Voters Have Heard Enough About The Presidential Candidates And Religion, Says Americans United

Watchdog Group Criticizes Saturday Forum On Faith At Saddleback Church

Voters have heard quite enough about the religious views of Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama and don’t need another forum on the presidential candidates and faith, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The church-state watchdog group criticized both candidates’ decision to take part in the Rev. Rick Warren’s “Saddleback Civil Forum” this Saturday at his mega-church in Lake Forest, Calif. McCain and Obama will each submit to hour-long questioning by the church pastor.

“Campaign 2008 is starting to feel like a Sunday school Bible drill,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “We’re electing a president, not a national pastor. I don’t see what good it will do for the American people to again hear the candidates spout pious platitudes about their favorite Bible verses or how devout they are.

“Candidates should appeal to the voters based on their qualifications for office and their stands on the issues, not their religious beliefs,” Lynn said. “This event continues the campaign spiral into religious matters. Americans want to hear the candidates’ views on important issues such as constitutional rights, public education, the Iraq War and the economy.”

Warren, pastor of a 22,000-member evangelical congregation and a best-selling author, has been involved in national politics before. In 2004, he endorsed George W. Bush, saying Bush’s outlook on a series of “non-negotiable” social issues was preferable. This year, Warren claims to have expanded his outlook to include issues like the environment and care of the poor.

The Saddleback event is one of only four events where the two candidates are scheduled to be on the same platform at the same time.

“Why should one of these important events be orchestrated entirely by only one pastor who comes out of one narrow segment of our diverse country?” Lynn asked.



  1. NYTimes is already pointing out distinct possibility that McCain was tipped off to Obama answers for an added advantage... Obama should learn: "Lay down with dogs, get up w/fleas...."

  2. Christopher Says:
  3. Even more troubling to me is, Obama's on-going need to praise this old coot, while the old coot attacks him on everything from his patriotism to his readiness to lead.

    Why is Obama trying to help McCain get elected?

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Too bad no one could pressure CNN not to run it. I wish they would get the point already that TONY PERKINS is NOT an "expert" on anything except how to use faulty data and conduct biased surveys...

    Wish CNN would get a clue.


  6. Joey Says:
  7. On a side note, for those in NYC especially: The TCOOO productions homophbic Straight Pride march is still on it's way to U.S. shores. Set for Brooklyn, on Aug. 31, the march (set to coincide with the Carribean Labor Day parade) features performers like Jango Fresh, whose music espouses the killing of gays and lesbians. Hope activists are getting ready for counter protests.

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. "Osama bin Warren"--funny.

    I immediately had reservations about this church and pastor sponsoring the event.

    'Course, Warren has clout, like it or not. Way back, I flipped through his book to see what all the fuss was, and it seemed a little wacky. Definitely not for me or any thinking person, IMHO.

  10. Chandira Says:
  11. Can't we have it facilitated on neutral ground, say, by a Rabbi?
    Just a thought.
    I know both men are Christian, but come on.. Let's have a little respect for the rest of our views here.

    I want to hear what Obama has to say about Buddhism. And McCain, come to that.



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