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Email From an Isreali Peace Activist

Posted by libhom Monday, January 05, 2009

Outside of Saturday's protest in NYC against Israel's slaughter in Gaza, some peace activists were handing out the text of a recent email from an Israeli peace activist. What that activist said was incredibly important.

we are experiencing the worst repression inside israel i have experienced since the eighties. maybe its because there is a big anti war movement, arabs and jews working closely together. the media is only reporting the "violent arab mob" and ignoring the thousands of jews and arabs demonstrating together. they can't admit that there are israeli jews against this war. the friday weekend newspapers almost a week later were a bit better but still we are very worried about tomorrow and the next week. of course i acknowledge that the people of gaza have it 100 times worst, and the citizens of the south of Israel are poor hostages of our government's cynical election campaign.

i'll keep you posted.


1 Responses to Email From an Isreali Peace Activist

  1. Thank you Americans are hungry for this sort of information. I was recently at a meeting in the state of Maine where the situation was likened to the American west indian wars and the new holocaust.



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