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The European Union Enforces Its Antitrust Laws

Posted by libhom Thursday, January 22, 2009

From Geek.com 1/19/08:

The nightmare for Microsoft seems to be far from over as the European Commission are going after them again for bundling a web browser with the Windows operating system. The charge being that they are harming competition by shipping a web browser with their OS and therefore are breaking European laws.


Microsoft now has eight weeks to review and respond to the findings the European Commission has documented. If those conclusions hold then Microsoft will likely face further fines and be forced to come up with a solution that promotes choice for the consumer.

If the US government took our antitrust laws seriously, Microsoft would have been broken up years ago. I hope the Obama administration will do something about this.

Internet Explorer is an execrable web browser. It still doesn't even render CSS correctly. If it wasn't automatically installed on Windows computers with an icon called "Internet," it wouldn't have much of a market at all.




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