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Wanda Sykes Takes On "That's So Gay"

Posted by libhom Saturday, January 10, 2009

In the comments for my previous posting on Deconstructing the "That's So Gay" Crap, Giggles of Gay Boy News pointed out that there was another video from GLSEN on the subject with the incomparable Wanda Sykes.

Misster-Kitty is running the video, and it's fabulous.

I encourage you to embed the video on your blog. Here's the code:



  1. Done.

  2. Lew Scannon Says:
  3. I often have to correct my children (who are much younger than 16) whenever they use the term gay as a derogatory or negative label. Must be something they picked up from school, because I know that wouldn't fly at their mom's house either.

  4. GDAEman Says:
  5. Posted. Must confess, I listened to it twice and had to laugh the second time. It's such a great jaw-dropper.

  6. libhom Says:
  7. Dr. Monkey: Thanks!

    Lew: I think everyone picks it up at school.

    GDAEman: I guess I'm more used to Ms. Sykes. Nothing she could say would make me drop my jaw anymore. Thanks!

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. Very well done Ms. Sykes!

  10. cul Says:
  11. Whenever I hear it at the school I'm at, I ask, "Why is that so happy?" When they start to explain they mean "'gay' as in faggot or homosexual" I cut them off and substitute a random faux deprecation like "Jew" or "Black"...and then a small reprimand.

    Thanx for the vid I'll post it.



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