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Paterson to Gun Crime Victims: Drop Dead

Posted by libhom Friday, January 23, 2009

Gov. Paterson's decision to select the notorious gun extremist, Kirsten Gillibrand, to be my state's newest Senator, is both dangerous and irresponsible. As a victim of gun crimes, I find gun nuts like Gillibrand morally reprehensible.

Gillibrand, like all opponents of gun control, is personally responsible for putting guns in the hands of the crooks who robbed me at gunpoint three times. Being in the same near death situation three times completely needlessly gives one a sense of real clarity. There is no excuse for supporting private gun ownership. Hunting with guns is too one sided to honestly be referred to as a "sport." Gun ownership increases the likelihood for death and injury for the gun owner. The Second Amendment only applies to government sanctioned militias, contrary to the propaganda of the nation's largest terrorist group, the National Rifle Association.

Opposing my basic right to live in a gun free society is something I take very personally, because I have experienced the consequences of gun extremism like Gillibrand's very personally. I am not obligated to passively go along with politicians who put guns in the hands of muggers, rapists, and murderers.

If this monster runs in the 2010 Democratic primary, I will vote for a primary challenger. If she wins the primary, I will vote for the Green Party candidate. I don't care which of two Republican gun nuts wins.

I seriously doubt I could vote for David Paterson after this horrifying betrayal either. Why did he vote for an inexperienced, Republican, gun extremist like Gillibrand over so many capable and qualified people who actually are Democrats and who are decent human beings?



  1. Mauigirl Says:
  2. I abhor guns also and am strongly in favor of strict gun control. I am also not at all a fan of hunting, which I agree is an unfair "sport" for the animals.

    My hope is that Gillibrand's gun attitudes stem from her representation of the area she lives in - where so many people hunt and own guns for that purpose.

    Perhaps when she is in the broader arena of the Senate she will modify her stance on this issue. We can only hope.

    I live in New Jersey but we now own property in Gillibrand's district so it matters to me too.

    My husband was held up at gunpoint in the park near our house here in New Jersey. It is a terrible experience, I know.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I also don't think much of her work as a Phillip Morris lobbyist. One can see from the color of her teeth that she must have accepted some of her payments in the form of free samples.

  5. JayV Says:
  6. Kirsten Gillibrand's appointment was discussed on Democracy Now! on Friday (about 15 minutes into this headlines segment):

    Mauigirl is correct about the gun attitudes of Gillibrand's district. I live in Burlington, VT and have listened to North Country Public Radio (based at St Lawrence Univ in Canton) and know that the area is strongly Republican. I was hoping that Patterson would choose a liberal Democratic politician from upstate NY (Gillibrand is a "Blue Dog" Dem); that area needs representation, too. Schumer comes from the lower tier and the lower tier is not all of New York!

    Rachel Treichler (we're alums of The Mountain School in VT) was the Green candidate for Atty General in 2006 (she lost to Cuomo), but I'd like her to run for the US Senate seat!

  7. During a carjacking, my friend was shot in the leg. Guns have no business in our society

  8. Here is a quote I used for one of my posts a few years ago, but just found it now:

    My, my, my. Such a lot of guns around and so few brains.
    Humphrey Bogart (1899 - 1957), actor

  9. ParisL0ve2 Says:
  10. Unfortunately, her stance on guns and gun control has absolutely nothing to do with the district she represents. This is how she truly feels!!



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