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You Go Sen. Claire McCaskill

Posted by libhom Friday, January 30, 2009

photo of Sen. Claire McCaskillMs. McCaskill is speaking for every middle class American with an IQ over 60 when she calls for limiting salaries of all employees from companies receiving financial bailout money to the same salary as the President of the United States. The big banks and brokerage firms have been misused for all sorts of corrupt purposes, including unearned executive bonuses and unnecessary corporate jets.

Why aren't CEOs flying commercial? They aren't any better than those of us who actually work for a living. Why do these failures getting bonuses rather than pink slips? Why are hard working, competent employees more likely to get laid off then lazy, irresponsible, incompetent executives?

Why should bad management be rewarded with high salaries? Bankers and brokers get treated as if they are deities. It's so repugnant.

Note to the empty suit, Andrew Cuomo, who is my state's Attorney General: So many Wall St. executives are guilty of fraud. Start prosecuting them already.



  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. Right on the money! If these people are shaking down the taxpayer to bailout their incompetence, then we should demand the right to regulate all aspects of their insane business practices. And why isn't Bernie Madoff in jail?

  3. dmarks Says:
  4. Right on the money. And Lew's comment too.



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