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My Blog's 15 Minutes (Seconds?) of Fame

Posted by libhom Saturday, February 28, 2009

I just checked Google Blog Search, and my blog posting was the leading one on Obama's Iraq plan, at least for a fleeting moment. Obama's Iraq plan was the second most prominent story on the blogsearch. As is generally the case with pictures in Blogger, you can click on the image below to see this blog's temporary moment in the spotlight in its full glory.

screenshot from Google Blog Search described above

Of course, the issues in the actual blog posting are more important than this bit of self promotion.



  1. Woohoo!

  2. hello, we accepted your comment at bipartisanallianceb.blogspot.com and we'd like to know if you can, from time to time, add comments or posts to our blog.

    There are conditions, of course :- ).


    Jorge Mata

  3. Yay you!

  4. GDAEman Says:
  5. You Go! I'm always amazed when fairly common search strings fine GDAEman in the top 10. It's also fun to see which are my most popular posts via Stats. The technical advice always seem to rank high, but here are a few other topics that people look at consistently:




    who-is-penny-pritzker-and-why-is-she [obama's campaign treasurer].


    Keep Blogging!



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