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After finding out on From the Left that Kirsten Gillibrand keeps two guns in her home, a home with children, I realized that more must be done to stop this monster. So, I've sent an email to various Democratic Party organizations making my uncompromising opposition to this dangerous gun extremist clear. Here is the text of that email.

As a victim of gun crimes, I find Kirsten Gillibrand's opposition to gun control to be personally insulting and to personally endanger me. Like all opponents of gun control, she shares in personal responsibility for every crime committed by the guns she supports, including the three times I was robbed at gunpoint.

Our political and legal systems are so corrupted by the gun lobby that I cannot have Ms. Gillbrand prosecuted for what she has done to me in a criminal court. I cannot even successfully sue her in civil court due to that same corruption.

The only recourse I have to punish Gillibrand for her actions is to work in the political system to stop her political career. I will do just that. I will vote against that gun nut every chance I get. I will be giving campaign contributions to her opponents. I will vote against Phonycrats who support her in the 2010 primary. A politician who works to arm muggers, gay bashers, rapists, and murderers is unfit to hold public office.

The Democratic Party has been shitting on gun crime victims for far too long. I'm not going to passively take it any more. If you want me to loyally support the Democratic Party then you damn well better start showing some loyalty in return.



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. GLH,

    I have the newest Quinnipiac Poll posted and both David Paterson and Kristin "I keep two rifles under my bed" Gillibrand will lose in 2010 as voters have had enough of both of them.

    Paterson isn't a bad guy but he let Hillary take over the selection process for her senate seat. Gillibrand, is Hillary's choice to take her senate seat.

    Paterson is such a newbie. He didn't realize when you lay down with the Clintons you get up covered in sleaze.

  3. Count on me to do the same on the west coast. My friend sent me an e-mail today telling me his nephew shot himself in the leg while cleaning a new gun and didn't realize there was a bullet in the chamber. That is almost a cliche it happens so often.

  4. JayV Says:
  5. Our lone US rep to congress, Peter Welch (D-VT) praised her appointment to the senate. Then I read that he's got 100% approval from the NRA (and is a member). He's getting a letter from me, too. Thanks GLH for writing this and alerting us about Gillibrand.

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Totally with you there. Democrats are pissing me off left and right lately.



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