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Cleve Jones, famous queer activist from San Francisco, is unhappy with Bill Clinton. From his Huffington Post article:

This Sunday, President Clinton is scheduled to give a paid speech at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego to the annual convention of a major political action committee, the International Franchise Association.

To give this speech, President Clinton will have to violate a union boycott and labor dispute - the workers at the hotel lack job security and the housekeepers face onerous workloads. He will also offend gay and lesbian Americans, including myself - the owner of the hotel, Doug Manchester, contributed $125,000 in early seed money to the Proposition 8 campaign. President Clinton should move this speech.

Pride @ Work is understandably frustrated. They are asking people to take action about the speech which will take place tomorrow. (From their Email Alert.)
You can make a difference, and it only takes a minute. Take a moment and visit the Clinton Foundation and ask President Clinton to move his speech to another hotel, preferably one that doesn't have a record of virulent anti-gay and anti-union organizing. President Clinton's speech is this Sunday! Please email the foundation today and let them know you expect more out of President Clinton.


Bill Clinton always was a vicious homophobe. He is the anti-labor extremist who brought us NAFTA and the WTO. Hillary Clinton worked for a union busting law firm. This latest offense doesn't shock me, but there is another aspect of this that is the third repulsive one.

Bill Clinton has made millions from "speaking fees," following in the sleazy footsteps of Ronald Reagan. These supposed "speaking fees" far exceed the monetary value of the speakers, in terms of the money they can draw for the companies and trade associations making the hires.

These fees are rewards for policies that benefit the interests of the people who are paying the fees. The whole thing is rotten to the core and should be illegal.



  1. I was very disappointed to hear this about Clinton...

  2. Lew Scannon Says:
  3. I could never figure out why so many so-called progressives embrace Hillbilly Clinton when he so doesn't ever represent their ideals.



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