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Bill Thompson speaking at rally of EMTs supporting himI've admired John Liu for some time now. He has done a lot of oversight of the MTA and stood up for transit riders on the City Council. Mayor Bloomberg and his appointees to the MTA board have done little but use the MTA as a cash cow for Bloomberg's rich friends. Here's the text of the email.

Election Day is Tuesday.

Do you know where your polling site is located?

Click here to find out.

Nearly a year ago, Republican Mike Bloomberg disregarded the will of the people when he overturned the term limits law we voted for twice.

Meanwhile, our City continues to become more unaffordable because of sky-high rents, taxes, fines, fares, and fees.

We can do better.

I have known Bill Thompson for many years. He has the vision and the experience we need to make our City more affordable for working families.

On Election Day -- Tuesday, November 3rd -- come out and vote for Bill Thompson. Together, we can shape a new direction for New York City and tell Mike Bloomberg that eight is enough.

Click the link below to find out where your poll site is and do your civic duty: vote!


Thank you.


John Liu
Democratic Nominee for New York City Comptroller

If you wonder why I think Michael Bloomberg is such a terrible mayor, my previous postings on him should give you many of the reasons.

Michael Bloomberg has run NYC like a failed bank or brokerage firm. The Thompson campaign is fond of saying "Eight Is Enough" referring to Bloomberg's broken promises on term limits. I say, "Eight is way, way, too many."

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