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Griffith Switch Is Wonderful News for Democrats

Posted by libhom Saturday, December 26, 2009

flushing toiletThe decision of far right Alabama Congressmember Parker Griffith to admit to the fact that he is a Republican, not a Democrat, is being hailed as a victory for the GOP, typical of the far right bias that permeates corporate media outlets.

Some Democrats are upset, but I'm delighted. When batshit crazy Republicans like Griffith lie and say they are Democrats, they end up diverting money, volunteer time, and votes that should be going to Real Democrats. When they push the congressional agenda towards their hard GOP line, they alienate Democratic voters and Democratic leaning independents. Having nutjobs like Griffith in the Democratic caucus has the overall effect of costing the Democratic Party more seats overall and making the party largely irrelevant to middle class and poor Americans.

I hope this hateful jerk will take corrupt nutjobs like Lieberbush, Nelson, and Baucus with him. This country needs two distinct political parties, not two tentacles of the same Gopper beast.

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  1. Rev. Bob Says:
  2. The Parker Griffith Story is being reported by the Alabama Council of Conservative Citizens under their banner “EQUAL RIGHTS FOR SOUTHERN WHITES”

    I love conservative Southern White people. They put it right out there, don’t they?

  3. C Woods Says:
  4. I'm not sorry to see him go. In fact, I'm tired of all of the conservative Democrats.

    And why aren't there any liberal Republicans? There used to be, like John Heinz who was a fiscal conservative but social liberal.

  5. good riddance - you are so right - the party gives him money and he goes and votes straight GOP...

    one point - i think we need more than two political parties - these two are in so many ways, the same party with two wings



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