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Tell Susan G. Komen for the Cure to Fire Hadassah Lieberman

Posted by libhom Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It isn't just what Hadassah Lieberman's evil husband, Joe is doing. She's really awful too. Christopher at From the Left has made a passionate argument for her firing.

The Firedog Lake Action Alert I received in via email and which From the Left cited includes this brief and damaging summary.

Donations to find a cure for cancer should not be used to pay the salary of Hadassah Lieberman, former employee of the pharmaceutical and insurance lobbying complex and wife of Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT), who is pledging to kill health care reform while millions go untreated.

We're calling on Susan G. Komen for the cure and celebrity donors like Ellen DeGeneres and Christie Brinkley to be mindful of where their money is going.

Sign our letter to Susan G. Komen for the cure:
"I call for Susan G. Komen for the cure to ask Hadassah Lieberman to step down as a compensated "Global Ambassador" for the organization in light of the inherent conflict of interest her continued presence brings."

My personal message that was included as part of the Action Alert was brief and to the point.
If you keep this former lobbyist for the same corporations that are murdering middle class and poor women with breast cancer, you are sending the message that you only care about rich women's health.

Please Participate in This Important Action!

Jane Hamsher, founder of FiredogLake has been tireless in fighting corruption in DC. It's too bad we can't clone her. Ms. Hamsher also is a breast cancer survivor.



  1. I did it was was oh so happy to have done it. Both of them should be horsewhipped for their crimes against the people.

  2. Mike Says:
  3. "Jacqueline Kelly died yesterday in Jersey City, New Jersey, of ovarian cancer."

    That's how the Rude Pundit starts a recent post, about a 61-year-old woman taken by cancer because people like Joe Lieberman are saying "Fuck you" to every U.S. citizen denied health care when it should be a right, plain and simple. It should be a right, just as it is in my country and every other fully civilized country in the world.

    So yeah -- a great big "Fuck you" to the Liebermans. Hadassah has no right presenting herself as a friend to the cancer-stricken.

  4. TomCat Says:
  5. I was happy to sign it and comment there as follows:

    It is unconscionable to have someone working to kill health care reform and, in the process, deny people cancer treatment working for you in this capacity.

  6. Writer Says:
  7. Signed and shared on Facebook. Thank you.

  8. i wrote a scathing letter to the foundation on my own - having lost two close family members to breast cancer and knowing others that have - i was a big supporter of Komen Foundation and their work

    NO MORE - not one plug nickel until Hadassah is PUBLICLY fired.



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