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The Weirdest Big Coal/Big Oil Talking Point on Global Warming

Posted by libhom Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let's face it. Every argument in denial of human made Global Warming originates from a person or organization paid for by Big Oil and/or Big Coal. The ideas might be spread across the rightist noise machine (which includes all the cable networks, the nightly news, and the major daily papers), but we know where it all comes from.

I must say I'm astonished by the latest talking point. The game is to point to celebrities who supposedly are hypocritical about their own behavior and say look, "That means Global Warming is a hoax." Setting aside questions about carbon offsets and the need for public figures to have security in a society which is psychotically obsessed with celebrity, there is one question any sensible person should be asking?

Why would anyone answer a scientific question based on the behavior of celebrities?

The whole scam is such an obvious appeal to emotions it isn't even funny. Meanwhile, our Arctic ice sheets are getting thinner, brush fires in Mediterranean climates get worse, and drought becomes a bigger and bigger problem for farmers.

The Maldives is an island nation that will be underwater if the world doesn't stop putting so much carbon into the air. On 12/8/09, Democracy Now! had an interview with with fifteen-year-old Maldives climate ambassador, Mohamed Axam Maumoon, whose behavior is far more mature than that of so many adults in the world. Here's a quote with real information on how our choices affect others.

First of all, I would like to tell everybody what’s wrong. I mean, why are we worried? We are worried because, as you said, Maldives isn’t higher than seven meters—seven feet, sorry, and, well, most of the places are just only one meter above sea level, which is only 3.5 feet, I believe. And we are a small island country. Most of the islands average one kilometer in diameter. And we have got 1,197 islands, and only 200 of them are suitable to be inhabited. And we are living at the very edge, as everybody is now talking about, because our country is so—so fragile, in the sense that we are only protected by the natural barriers, such as the coral reefs and the white sandy beaches. But other than that, we haven’t got the necessary need and necessary finance to actually build, let’s say, barriers, artificial barriers around the island. So we are completely subjected to climate change and global warming and the third factor, which is sea level rise.

Climate change also affects the weather, and it brings out weather anomalies such as the frequency of storms are increasing, and the force also increases. So, even though that naturally our country, our people has survived for 2,500 years on that small island state, we are still under threat right now, because our barriers have been destroyed by our mistakes, because of CO2 emissions from everywhere, to be general.

Read the whole interview or view video of Democracy Now! coverage of the climate summit.


1 Responses to The Weirdest Big Coal/Big Oil Talking Point on Global Warming

  1. why doesnt it surprise me that the 15 year old from the Maldives has more intelligence and maturity than most senators and quitting governors in the US



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