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It Only Takes 51 Votes in the Senate to Pass Healthcare Reform

Posted by libhom Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am so sick of Harry Reid and the so called "Democrats" lying to us and saying that they need 60 votes to pass healthcare reform when they could easily use budget reconciliation and only need a simple majority. This obviously insults the intelligence of grassroots Democrats, and it hides some sinister agendas.

With only a simple majority, there wouldn't be any need to put in misogynistic and racist restrictions on abortion in order to pander to drooling knucklewalkers like Ben Nelson and Bob KKKasey. Part of the reason that Harry Reid is going the regular legislative route instead of doing budget reconciliation is that he is part of a sexist, racist, and heterosexist hate group, the Mormon Church, and is abusing his position as Majority Leader in order to promote his church's vicious and bigoted political agenda.

Then, there is the whole issue of the public option. By avoiding budget reconciliation, Reid can use other far right "Democrats" and Joe Lieberbush as the front people for killing real healthcare reform while pretending he supports it.

Is the bill worth passing without a strong public option and full funding for abortion?

Absolutely not!

Let's look at what this scandalous legislation actually does.

1) Medicare: This bill makes draconian cuts in Medicare for two reasons. First, they want to take healthcare money away from middle class and poor seniors so they can give it to big corporations. Second, they want to destroy Medicare so nobody will want Medicare for All.

2) Fining the Poor and the Shrinking Middle Class: Another big aspect of this bill is to enact fines for people who don't make enough money to pay for astronomically expensive private health insurance. This is what they are calling "expanding coverage."

3) Abortion: Under a "compromise" pushed by Nelson, KKKasey, and Reid, this bill would make it more difficult for insurance to cover abortion.

4) More Money to the HMOs and Health Insurers: For what those fuckers are getting now, a single payer healthcare program for everyone could be enacted and there still would be money left over. These greedy bastards already get way too much of our nation's GDP, and the "Democrats" want to shovel more money at them.

What about "reforms" like getting rid of preexisting conditions?

None of these will ever be enforced. Just look at the track record. For decades HMO executives and their counterparts in health insurance companies have run massive campaigns of fraud in order to deny life saving medical care to people who have "coverage." Instead of admitting that people need the care and just saying they won't cover it, they pressure doctors into lying and saying the care isn't medically necessary. This isn't just fraud. It's premeditated murder across interstate lines too.

Has even one HMO or health insurance executive ever been prosecuted for fraud or murder because of this? Think about it.

The only way we can save people from this deadly criminality is to give them a chance for public healthcare, which has proven cheaper and better in every developed country that has tried it. The Democrats should have been pushing for single payer from the beginning (and for criminal prosecutions of the guilty too). Yet, these bought politicians won't even give people the option to save their lives from the HMOs and insurance companies.

Do these "Democrats" really think they will get a decent turnout of Democratic voters in 2010 if they pass a Republican wealthcare bill like this instead of a Democratic healthcare bill? How is Obama possibly going to win in 2012 if he signs a wealthcare bill like this instead of signing a healthcare reform bill, which is what he promised the voters in 2008?



  1. i dont think anyone in congress, the white house or the idiot MSM realize how bad this bill is for anyone other than the CEO of Aetna and Joe Lieberman

    while they cant discriminate against preexisting conditions by denying coverage - they can raise the rates - and raise them every year. have diabetes or cancer in your 20's - bye bye affordable insurance.

    this is a pure giveaway and barely anyone on capitol hill cares - cause they only care about SIGNING a bill. shaking hands and bragging about how they got health care done for the first time since 1965. they will NEVER NEVER NEVER go back and fix the problems - did i say never. and obama will parade around the country talking about the change he brought on

    until the real people and real left get off their collective asses and protest and elect REAL progressives (should i laugh now) - there is no hope but to continue to have two wings of the corporate party.

    this viability of this country is now on the hourglass sitting in the witch's castle. at some point the "shirtless ones" will not be able to take it

  2. Lew Scannon Says:
  3. It's like Dennis Kucinich said: "The class war is over, and the working class lost." If we had more people like him as part of the Democratic Party, we would have real reform. Instead, we get the spineless variety; too afraid to lose campaign funding from their corproate masters to effect real change, or stand up to the scare tactics from the right wing attack dogs.



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